When Do You Use Anointing Oil

When Do You Use Anointing Oil
  • As an act of consecration and dedication, a setting apart for a special purpose in God’s kingdom.
  • Consider anointing yourself every morning, praying scriptures over your mind, heart, ears, eyes, hands and feet. It WILL change your day!!

  • As the Priests of the home, husbands are encouraged to anoint their wives and children for consecration, protection, peace, pronouncing a blessing upon them as did the Fathers of Old!

  • As a preparation to bible study, devotional time, fasting, and praise and worship

  • In times of sickness, fear, anxiety, oppression of the enemy, end of mourning, ALSO in foot-washing ceremonies
Frankincense: used on the Altar of Incense in temple times, one of the 3 gifts brought to Messiah (intercession)
Myrrh: Queen Esther bathed in oil of myrrh for six months before her presentation to the King (purification, dying to self, and preparation for the KING)
Hyssop:  exotic Biblical plant used in religious rituals of the Hebrews (cleansing, purification)
Cedars of Lebanon: fragrant wood used to build Temple, also to anoint a restored leper’s house (strength, permanence, wholeness, restoration)
Pomegranate:  highly prized fruit mentioned in numerous scriptures– motif used to decorate temple, embroidered on high priest’s garment (fruitfulness, abundance, blessings, favor of God)
Spikenard: fragrant oil used by Mary to anoint head & feet of Jesus (intimacy, extravagant worship)
Rose of Sharon: flower depicting the beloved (beauty)
Lily of the Valley:  white delicate flower (honor & purity of heart)