Scents & Sensibility

perfumed_oilsDepartment stores filled with a myriad of fragrant aromas know how much women love perfume. Researchers believe women find perfume irresistible because of the scent’s or perfume’s ability to trigger an increase in the production of pheromones in their bodies.

In addition to a perfume’s capability to help enhance a woman body’s pheromones levels, they are appealing to women because of the attention they get from a member of the opposite sex or even from another woman. Many women will tell you that the reason they purchase a particular perfume is that it makes them feel better about themselves. It also makes them feel a bit more feminine. Not only does smelling great make a woman feel good about herself, but it will also make her feel attractive.

In studies carried out, nearly 80% of all women will make a perfume purchase at least once each year. Its no wonder since perfumes are made to attract the customer via the olfactory system (sense of smell) in order to persuade people to buy the perfumes or perfume-laced products (women’s magazines) they are producing.

Could it be in the science of perfume? In this video, you will see how the molecular structure of fragrances plays a role in what makes perfume so desirable and why celebrities are cashing in on this industry.