Personal Study and Review: Aromatic Blending

In this course you learned about notes and how to create your own Signature Perfume Blend. Now it’s your turn to create the formation of a lifetime! Whether it’s soft and subtle or exotic and romantic, you can easily make any fragrance you desire. The possibilities are endless. Grab your essential oils and supplies (see list below). You are going to want to choose one fragrance from each category: top, base and middle to make a harmonious blend.

The following is a basic recipe for your perfume formula:
½ Ounce Jojoba Oil
2½ Ounce Alcohol
6 Drops Top Note Essential Oil
10 Drops Middle Note Essential Oil
4 Drops Base Note Essential Oil
Dark Bottle

What To Do:
1. Using a clean, dark glass bottle, add your base carrier oil such as Jojoba or coconut first. If this is the first time making this blend, you will want to add the carrier oil last, to ensure its something you like.

2. When adding essential oils, start with the base note then add the middle note, followed by the top note. As you add each one, check the scent to make sure it is what you are looking for.

3. Add the alcohol then shake for several minutes. Allow your blend to sit for 48 hours up to six weeks. The longer it sits, the stronger the scent.

4. Store your perfume in a dark glass bottle. Don’t forget to name your creation!

This basic recipe can be changed and adapted to your own signature style, depending on what you like. Keep track of what you add or change, so you’ll know how to make your favorite blends at a later time.

You will have to play around with scents for a little bit before you hit on what you like. Make sure that you write each ratio of every essential oil used in a particular scent as nothing can be more frustrating than actually coming up with the fragrance of your dreams and then not remembering how you ended up making it.

*Recipe Variation: Another combination blend consists of one part top, one part middle, two parts base and one part jojoba oil or other carrier oil. For instance, you’ll use one part Honey-suckle, one part Orchid, one part Carrier oil and two parts Sandalwood. Keep in mind, each part may be up to 40 drops, depending on your container size.