Can You Lose Your Anointing?

Someone may wonder if it is possible to lose your anointing? As stated before, yes, you can be emptied of it and become dry, just like the foolish virgins who ran out of oil. Most believers agree that the body is promised to never be forsaken and abandoned, however many are not in a place of protection.

In the case of Saul, it would appear he lost his anointing and the spirit left him.  Yes, we all fall into error and sin, and can lose it because we refuse to repent and turn away from darkness. Many in the church today operate without the anointing, living in sin and erred from God. They have left him though, not the other way around. The bible says that Saul lost his anointing and an evil spirit was sent instead.


Samson lost his strength and had seven locks that were cut from his head because he fell into the trap of Delilah. In Hebrew, Delilah means “day” or “feeble” – to be empty, to be dry, to be languished, failed. That’s what the enemy is about; he wants to wear you out so that you can’t stand against him. That is what has happened to the church. The devil is not even threatened by them – in fact, he could care less about them. While they are having their parties, they don’t even realize what is happening. They’ve lost the anointing and have no power against the devil. And, its simply because many believers are not walking in the anointing.