Cypress Essential Oil Properties and Uses

Cypress Essential Oil Properties

plant origin: France, Spain

medicinal properties: Improves circulation and supports the nerves and intestines. Anti-infectious, antibacterial, anti-microbial, and strength

traditional uses: Cypress is one of the oils most used for the circulatory system.

other uses: Arthritis, bronchitis, circulation, cramps, hemorrhoids, insomnia, intestinal parasites, menopausal problems, menstrual pain, pancreas insufficiencies, pulmonary infections, rheumatism, spasms, varicose veins, and fluid retention. Jean Valnet, M.D. suggests that it may be helpful for some cancers. This oil may be beneficial for improving energy, reducing cellulite, strengthening connective tissue, asthma, coughs, edema, gallbladder, bleeding gums, hemorrhaging, laryngitis, liver disorders, muscular cramps, nervous tension, nose bleeds, and ovarian cysts. It is outstanding when used in skin care, lessening scar tissue.

application: Use topically on location. Apply where you would wear deodorant.

fragrant influence: Cypress influences, strengthens, and helps with the feeling of loss. It creates a

feeling of security and grounding, helping to heal emotional trauma.

uses for cypress essential oil

1. To ease cramping, apply Cypress oil on location.

2. Blend Cypress and olive oil and use as an insect repellent.

3. Use a drop or two of Cypress oil and wear as a deodorant.

4. Mix equal parts of Cypress oil and tangerine oil combined with olive oil to use as a skin tonic-this also aids in healing scar tissue. (For a 5 ml bottle, add five drops of each oil, then fill with the rest of the bottle with carrier oil.)

5. To ease arthritis discomfort, mix several drops of Cypress oil with a carrier oil and apply as needed.

6. To prevent infection to minor injuries, apply a drop of Cypress oil.

7. Rub Cypress oil around the nasal area to stop a nosebleed.

8. Diffuse or inhale directly from the bottle to help with insomnia.

9. To help relieve acute chest discomfort, rub Cypress oil blend to chest area.

10. To strengthen blood capillaries and increase circulation, rub Cypress oil on location. It also may help with varicose and spider veins when used with Helichrysum oil.