Lyme Disease

Discussion on the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments of Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is at epidemic proportion in the USA and is the number one infectious disease in the world now, bypassing the number of people with breast cancer and AIDS, yet many doctors remain Lyme illiterate. It is not enough to know whether the person afflicted has acute or chronic stage, although it is necessary to know which category a person suffers in order to choose the right treatment, because acute Lyme means the Borrelia burdorferi bacteria has not had time to penetrate into the cell membranes yet and can usually be cured with antibiotics if it is caught in time.

The Effects of Positive and Negative Ions

The Effects of Positive and Negative Ions Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 c. January 7, 1943) was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. Tesla is recognized among the most accomplished scientists of the late 19th and early 20th century. His patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating current electric […]

Essential Oil Bottles with White Daisy

Frequencies of Essential Oils (Part One)

Frequencies of Essential Oils (Part One) Frequencies of the Human Body in Hz Georges Lakhovsky discovered that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc) possess attributes which are normally associated with electronic circuits. Dr. Royal R. Rife found that every disease has a specific frequency and that certain frequencies can prevent the development of […]

A Love Story: Candida and Sugar

Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis are common yeasts that thrive within intestines and mucous membranes. Everyone is born with Candida, even your pets. Candida’s main function in the body is to destroy all putrefied food matter in our digestive tract before any potentially harmful bacteria can feast on it, multiply, and threaten our health. So […]


Essential Oils that help treat Autism and ADD-ADHD

Essential Oils that help treat Autism and ADD-ADHD Researchers believe that gastrointestinal disorders may be linked to the brain dysfunctions that cause autism. Recent studies have shown that there are beneficial effects of enzyme-based therapy for Autism spectrum disorders. In a study conducted by Dr. Timothy Buie, a pediatric gastroenterologist from Harvard/Mass General hospital, forty-six […]

Essential Oils Sciatica Relief

Essential Oils Sciatica Relief Our nerves course throughout our bodies carrying information to the Central core (central nervous system) as well as carry information away by way of motor neurons. When there is impingement or disease anywhere along their paths-there can be pain (neuralgia) and inflammation (neuritis) and this can lead to nerve destruction (neuropathy). […]

Eye Close-up looking to side

Essential Oils Cancer Found to Counter Cell Growth

Essential Oils Cancer Found to Counter Cell Growth I believe the ancient peoples were on to something when they classified balsam fir, frankincense and myrrh as oils fit for a king. These were the oils found in King Tutankhamen’s grave which was opened in 1922. These oils were considered to be of “royal nature.” So […]


Myrrh Essential Oil Breast Cancer Cure?

Myrrh Essential Oil Breast Cancer Cure Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) comes from myrrh trees that grow in the Red Sea area. From the chemistry of myrrh essential oil we can expect it to have lots of healing properties. It is anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, hormone-like, anti-hyperthyroid, and supports the immune system. How Can Myrrh Aid in […]


Frankincense Essential Oil Cancer Cure?

Frankincense Essential Oil Cancer Cure? Frankincense¬†(Boswellia carteri)¬†trees were considered extremely valuable during ancient times and their location was often a matter of state secret. Egyptians used the incense to fumigate their homes, for ritual incense and the oil for cosmetics. It was used as a holy anointing oil and as a general cure-all for all […]

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