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When you subscribe to our Aromatherapy Certification Program (Level 1 or Level 2), you qualify to attend any of our certification in-house training classes (totally optional) at the Aroma Hut Institute in Florida!  All supplies, manuals and essential oils are included with in-person classes. Please check our class schedule for dates. Space is limited; RSVP is required. 



Our program represents the finest training available and reflects a long-standing commitment to the safe practice of essential oil therapy in all its facets. Since 2013, the Institute has gained an international reputation for excellence in aromatherapy education. Our main course in Professional and Clinical Aromatherapy is a comprehensive, integrated training program – a dynamic blend of scientific and holistic therapeutic approaches.
It is carefully designed to provide students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to practice Clinical Aromatherapy safely and effectively, and in addition serves as a specialist training resource for those pursuing careers in the expanding essential oil product industries.





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  • In-Person Training in Florida (optional, not required)
  • Provide a Career Path & Teacher Training
  • CEUs Available through NCBTMB
  • Full-Color Hardcover Textbooks & Workbook
  • Expert & Qualified Instructors
  • Certification – NAHA Approved




For many, having a dream career and doing what they love is simply a dream! At Aroma Hut Institute, we help you turn your passion and dream of working with essential oils into one of the most rewarding experiences in life. With skillful guidance, bestselling author, Rebecca Park Totilo will help you plunge into a new exciting career in aromatherapy!

You will receive expert training by qualified Clinical Aromatherapists, who guide you in how to embrace aRebecca-Park-Totilo-headshot more holistic approach to living with essential oils. Rebecca’s teaching style of “show, don’t tell” involves lively discussions and hands-on training so you can have the confidence as an aromatherapist.

All of our online courses are personally tailored and written by her and include decades of personal experience. Each course includes interactive discussions, videos, audio segments, and numerous other resources to enhance your educational experience. 

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COURSE PLANS  iict-logo-smlAIA logoProfessional-NAHA-Member



ACP Level 1 Online


Online Access to Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 Course

NAHA-Approved (100 Hours)

Email, Text & Phone Teacher Support

Free 45-minute Wellness Consultation

50 CEUs through NCBTMB

Unlimited 24/7 Access

Complete in as little as four months

Receive an electronic Certificate (pdf)

ACP Level 2 Online


Online Access to Aromatherapy Certification Level 2 Course

NAHA-Approved (200 Hours)

Email, Text & Phone Teacher Support

Free 60-minute Career Consultation

100 CEUs through NCBTMB

Unlimited 24/7 Access

Up to a Year to Complete

Receive an electronic Certificate (pdf)

ACP Level 1 & 2 Complete Home Study Course

$3,455.00 $2,495.00

Online Access to Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 Course

Online Access to Aromatherapy Certification Level 2 Course

NAHA-Approved (300 Hours)

Email, Text & Phone Teacher Support

Free 60-minute Career Consultation

Unlimited 24/7 Access

150+ CEUs through NCBTMB for Massage Therapists

Online Access of over 25 Instructional Videos

Up to a Year to Complete

Receive a Frameable Full Color Certificate of Completion by USPS (valued at $20.00)

BONUS #1: Full-color 375+ page Hardcover Textbook, Aromatherapy Certification Program Level 1 (valued $100.00)

BONUS #2: Full-color 450+ page Hardcover Textbook, Aromatherapy Certification Program Level 2 (valued $200.00)

BONUS #3: Full-color 425+ page Softcover textbook, Aromatherapy Certification Program Workbook (valued $50.00)

BONUS #4: FREE IN-HOUSE TRAINING – ACP Foundations (Level 1) or 12 Body Systems (Level 2) (valued at $795.00)




Aromatherapy Options for Child-Birthing by Brittany Wilhelm

Life is a beautiful miracle. The most exhilarating experience of giving birth is mixed with both bittersweet pain and the most euphoric joy once the new little life is placed into the mother’s welcoming arms. Nine months of carrying this growing baby in her womb strengthens the immediate bond established between mother and her baby […]

healing touch massage

Dermal Absorption Rate and Administering Essential Oils Topically

Essential oils have a much smaller molecular weight than carrier oils and therefore pass through the skin quicker. When the molecular weight of an ingredient is under 500 Dalton (the standard measurement unit of atomic mass) then it is thought to be able to freely pass through the top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. All essential oil constituents have molecular weights well under the 500 Dalton mark so they pass with relative ease. The thing is this: essential oil constituents, because they all have different molecular weights, will penetrate the stratum corneum at different speeds and percentages.





There was so much information in the Aromatherapy Certification class to learn, yet Rebecca made it seem easy and helped us retain the information. I’m now ready to start my business and have the confidence and knowledge needed!

Celine Reilly

As a Health Coach I feel that this is an excellent class for anyone who is interested in learning Aromatherapy! Rebecca shares her knowledge generously in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. I feel quite confident that I can now help support my clients with essential oils to help them reach their health goals!

Nancy L

I took Certification Level 1 and it was an excellent introduction to the many ways to use essential oils, including various blending methods.  I will go on to Clinical Level 2.  The format is easy to follow and the teacher, Rebecca, is clear and concise.   I would highly recommend the course for anyone who wants to know the correct way to use essential oils.

Devora Clark
Carolyn Waygood

FABULOUS experience! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is interested in the healing powers of oils! Rebecca is a wonderful teacher, her course is well organized and both educational and entertaining, her studio is BEAUTIFUL, and her expertise is astounding! As a Certified Natural Health Professional, this course has been instrumental in expanding my ability to help my clients achieve greater health NATURALLY!

Carolyn Waygood

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